COFFIN BOX / சவப்பெட்டி


Coffin Box Services – We will do Coffin Box Services (All Funeral Services) in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India and all.
Coffin Box for Air Transportation – Train & Buried.
Coffins with human remains:
We will arrange all the following is required:
• A death certificate.
• A removal order issued by the district registrar of deaths or by the SA Police.
• A certificate by the undertaker stating that the necessary sanitary precautions have been met.
• In the case of a notifiable medical condition, a certificate by the local medical officer of health that carriage is authorized and by the local medical officer of health at the point of destination that the body will be received.
• Cremated remains (ashes)
• No permit or other documentation is required for the transport of cremated remains within the Republic of Our Country.